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8085 MD2 Assignment

For this Assignment, you will assume the role of a director of an early childhood setting of your choice. Imagine that you have just been awarded a generous grant to promote the professional development and leadership capacity of your staff. The focus of this Assignment, however, focuses less on the content of your professional development, […]

reading, ela

Locate and print the IRA Standards for Reading Professionals. Familiarize yourself with the standards so that you match each of the following six (6)activities to one of the IRA standards.  Each standard can only  be used once and this assignment has to be typed and a hard copy is due Saturday, September 17, 2022 before […]

Week 1

“It takes a village to raise a child.” How does supporting the linguistic and physical development of a young child apply to serving the common good from a Christian worldview perspective ( 150 words please)

Cultural Identity and self reflection

For this assignment, you will be writing a reflection paper on one of the following TED talks. In the Self Reflection assignment, examine the effect of course material on your assumptions and knowledge about the role of culture or your everyday interactions with others from a different culture, religion, or socio-economic group. While the reflection […]

Discussion 5

View the video on Rosa’s Law at http://tinyurl.com/hhbhyem. Discuss various laws relating to the treatment of the disabled and their intent. Early laws were permissive but now they are mandatory. Discuss similarities and differences of recent laws. What are some of the ramifications (both positive and negative) of these laws now becoming mandatory?

Week 1 Assignment

Assessment Description The development progress of a young child is important for a teacher to understand. The rate at which a child meets milestones is indicative of their health and future success in foundational learning. If the child is not meeting milestones, the teacher must be aware, and communicate concerns to parents. Identifying a child’s […]

Article review

Research on two Physical education Articles!!! You should become familiar with literature of research on teaching PE. The articles must be cited from any one of the following journals. You may use electronic or internet sources however, they must be full-text articles. Make a copy of the cover page/1st page of the article and submit […]

Discussion Question

Explain what social justice means in education and in your role as a future educator. Provide specific examples that may encourage or discourage your ability to integrate faith and learning into your future classroom.

Delivery and Presentational Aids

Part 1- Explanatory Speech Planning Outline Opening Elements 25% of total gradeExceeds ExpectationsSpecific purpose in place. Opening with a relevant attention gaining device/tactic. Connect with audience by stating relevancy. Clear, purpose/ thesis statement. Preview main ideas. Format of opening correct with roman numerals and headers.25Meets ExpectationsMissing one of the opening elements. Opening element not correctly […]