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Sample paper: Communicable Disease: Influenza

Introduction This paper investigate the effects of influenza to the global world. Influenza is a contagious respiratory infection caused by influenza virus. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), influenza causes approximately a quarter-million deaths during its period of elevated infections called the flu season (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020). […]

Sample paper: Christian view of the nature of human persons

The Christina view on the nature of human is that human beings were created in image and likeness of God though his divine power and capacity which resulted to a distinctive relationship between God and humans. Through Gods creation, human beings were given power and dominion over animals and plants, ability to reason, be creative […]

Discussion:Global health issues

The global health issues that has put strain on the health sector is the outbreak of covid19 pandemic. The widespread of the covid19 virus has led to increased pressure in the medical setting due to increased number of people infected with the virus. Every country across the world has felt the impact of the pandemic […]

Sample paper: Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory

Christianity perspective and nature of spirituality Christianity provides a religious perspective on the nature of ethics and spirituality. As argued by Edwards (2018) the aspect of Christianity asserts that spirituality is the religious and theological prism that explains the existence of God and his nature. In this aspect, God is considered as an external and […]

Discussion: Spirituality and Healthcare

There has been an increase interest in the role of spirituality in healthcare settings. The issue of spiritualty interests me the most as am concerned on some believes that has contradictedwith the medical settings and hence creating a tension between the world of science and religion. In many cases, patients rely on their religion and […]

Sample paper/Health illness continuum

Individual health status is not static but in a continual change status. People move back and forth from wellness to illness and back to wellness and hence resulting to health illness continuum. This helps to conceptualize that individual health status always vary over time. Just like life, health undergoes a process of continual change as […]

Adolescence: Contemporary Issues and Resources

Introduction One of the main contemporary issues that are facing teenagers in the present world is depression. Teenage depression is perceived as the mental health that makes teenagers feel sad and lose interest in their lifestyle activities. This in turn leads to physical, emotional and functional problems among the teenagers. External stressors There are various […]

Developmental Assessment and the School-Aged Child

Developmental Assessment and the School-Aged Child Physical assessment is one of the significant component in the nursing practice that is needed for the planning and providing family with a patient centered care. However, when doing physical assignment to the children, it’s essential to consider various techniques that are age appropriate. Firstly, school aged children should […]

College Quizzes & answers: General Transfer Quiz

Question 1 1 / 1 pts Which of the choices below were steps noted in the “How to Transfer from a Community College to a Four-Year University” video?   investigate transfer policies   keep your grades up   talk to your counselor or advisor   take transferable courses   all of the choices are correct ✅ From […]

Master Academic Writing with These 7 Essential Steps

In the dynamic field of education, mastering academic writing is vital. Whether you’re a student tackling complex assignments or an aspiring academic writer, following these steps will refine your skills. At Top Score Essay, we are committed to fostering academic excellence. In this guide, we present 7 steps to master academic writing, focusing mainly on […]