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Valuation Project

Students are expected to produce an investment recommendation report about a listed company. In this report students expose their investment case about the selected company, supported in their valuation analysis. The investment recommendation can be to BUY (if valuation higher than market price) or to SELL (if valuation lower than market price) the selected company. […]

Case motivation

Case Synopsis Wells Fargo is a long established and highly respected US bank that came out of the GFC relatively unscathed and had Warren Buffett as a major investor. However, in 2016, it was fined $185 million USD by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and other regulatory bodies, and admitted to opening unauthorised accounts […]

Individual Project

The task write an analytical report on business (policy) decision cases including an evaluation of the decision/policy support analysis and evaluation using models developed in class Your report should include the following components (for suggested structure, please see description): Overview; Background report market conditions a discussion on any social issue significant enough that it may […]

Information and New Media Technologies

Using the Internet, you are required to research a range of disruptive technologies which are changing the way you will work in the future in your chosen career, i.e. think of the type of business environment you hope to work in for the future. For example, this could be in Aviation, Commerce, Health Science, Engineering, […]

Advanced Supply Chain Management

Option 1. Poster – Large poster paper (will need to take a photo of this and submit it). Presentation – Video recording (phone or Zoom) of you are discussing your poster (5 mins – no more than 8mins). Option 2. Poster – Powerpoint slides (no more than 6) with various components of the poster. Presentation […]

Movie analysis

Choose one of the following movies for analysis, the first choice is “so young.” If not, choose the remaining three Parasite https://www.stan.com.au/watch/parasite-2019 Moonlight https://edutv-informit-com-au.ezproxy.lib.uts.edu.au/watch-screen.php?videoID=3094377 Jigarthanda https://einthusan.tv/movie/watch/2511/?lang=tamil So young.  https://m.imdb.com/title/tt2765340/?ref_=vp_vi_tt   Most of the prompts require you to approach one film from the first block of the unit (Parasite, So Young, Moonlight or Jigarthanda). The only exception is prompt 2 (Genre), which asks you to analyse two films (one from the unit and another one of your […]

Astra International: Building successful international business around fluxing national government policy

Astra International: Building successful international business around fluxing national government policy Introduction The following case study demonstrates how a small company in a developing country was able to grow into a major international business, while operating under an environment of fluxing government policy. Astra International is an Indonesian conglomerate that was established in 1957 and […]


SECTION A [Maximum word count 500] Answer only ONE question from this section. This section is worth 50 marks. Question 1. An investor faces the following prospect: if he invests £100 in company A, in one year he will get back 50 + 5? pounds. If he invests £100 in firm B, in one year […]

Case Study Assessment

Part A: TWO Short Answer Application Questions (5 marks each) Question 1 Jamie is 17 years old and is an apprentice mechanic. She decides to go to her local electronic goods store, ‘Best Electrics’ to buy a portable gaming device to play games during her lunch break. Jamie does not have the funds to purchase […]

Business psychology paper

write a 2500-3000 word paper. There would need to be 10 sources with a minimum of 3 sources being quotes. The paper is a little more flexible because it is written more as a piece of journalism than a full-on academic paper. Subject: Has COVID-19 helped legitimize life as a digital nomad?