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Instructions : Community experience is 2-4 pages, excluding the cover page and reference in APA format

PART-ONE: In this paper, you would be doing research and writing on Memorial Miramar Hospital. Some factors you would be looking at are the location, accessibility, population served, its vision and mission statement, and other medical services provided besides OB to the community. Part of your community experience included attending a class provided by this facility/or any facility related to maternal-child education. Discuss your experience in that class under the section of the RUBRIC (rubric is below) must cover all sections in paper 1- 8

1. Name, address and purpose of organization – Provides the name and address of the organization. Details a clear description of the purpose of the organization.


2. Outcome Population served -a. Type of patients served, b. Type of health care concerns – Shows an excellent understanding of the population served at this organization.

3. This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Professional service – Identifies professional services available in this setting

4. This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Geographical/environmental issues Facility<Physical layout, c. Accessibility, d. Transportation issues – Details a complete analysis of geographical and environmental issues of the organization.

5. Social issues of the population – Insightfully details and discusses social issues of the population.

6. Organizations internal and external means of communication – Discusses with detail the ways the organization communicates internally and with the community.

7. Activities during the community experience – (Breastfeeding class) Discusses with detail the activities experienced during the community experience.

8. Programs or changes to better serve the community – Analyzes what program changes might better serve the community.

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