Project Management

· You are working with your project sponsor to decide on the optimal project management structure for an upcoming complex project that will involve more than 100 members. The project is similar in complexity to the Marriott Hotel headquarters relocation project, described in the Marriot International Headquarters and Hotel Project on the  Montgomery County MD website .


. The sponsor believes that a dedicated project team structure will not work. He has the same concerns about this structure that the author has noted in your textbook. You are confident that this structure or a matrix structure will work for the project. Select the structure you think will be the most successful. Describe that structure to the sponsor and explain why you believe it will be successful.



This chapter examines three different project management structures used by firms to implement projects: functional organization, dedicated project teams, and matrix structure. Although not exhaustive, these structures and their variant forms represent the major approaches for organizing projects. The advantages and disadvantages of each of these structures are discussed.

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