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Prompt: Complete a Strategic and Operational Analysis of Your Organization – Final: Inventories serve a variety of functions in service organizations, such as decoupling the stages in the distribution cycle, accommodating a heavy seasonal demand, and maintaining a supply of materials as a hedge against anticipated increases in their cost (Bordoloi, p. 301). A project can be thought of as the allocation
of resources directed toward a specific objective following a planned, organized approach. Project management involves planning, scheduling, and controlling project activities to achieve timely project completion within budget and meeting performance expectations. Project management is a challenge because the three objectives (cost, time, and performance) are in conflict (Bordoloi, p. 301). Using
Chapters 15 and 16 (pp. 427-484) as a guide and example, develop a Plan for Managing Service Inventories and Projects within your organization. This additional section will be added to your total Strategic, Operational, and Project plan based on the requirements specified below. The goal of this paper is to create one cohesive Strategic, Operational, and Project Plan that can be utilized for your chosen
organization. What is different about this paper? This paper will include the additional topics and tools listed above and develop a Recommendations section that focuses on proving a
S.M.A.R.T. (refer to SMART Criteria) set of recommendations and next steps. Here is more information on how to provide recommendations: Next Steps would focus on taking the recommendations and providing a clear path for the organization to follow to take advantage of those recommendations.

Requirements: This is the culmination of the Strategic and Operational Analysis for your organization that identifies your organization’s competitive environment, how your organization will be organized to operate (processes, metrics, quality, capacity) within this environment, and how you will allocate resources to meet the demands of this environment. This assignment is a completion of the Strategic and Operational
Analysis that you created in Unit 2 and continued in Units 4 and 6. This assignment will include an additional 4-6 pages of content (required Cover Page, Executive Summary, and APA References Section not included in this page count) for a total of 16-18 pages which includes the tools listed above and your explanation of what these tools mean for your organization.

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