Week 6 assignment

Part 1

When may the information be withheld from a patient? How is this practice distinct from circumstances when it is not feasible to disclose information?  Discuss disclosure issues arising from medical errors.

• What are the limits on the decisions adults can make for themselves? What are the limits on the decisions that can be made for minors?


Part 2

Ethics Incidents – Something Must be Done, But What? – Carolyn Aubrey, CEO must do something, but what? Discuss your recommendations.


Part 3



Total Paper – 6-7 pages

Support your paper with a minimum of 4 references, beyond the textbooks, which may also be used as references.

Using Case Study 1, “ Carilion Clinic”  or Study 17  ‘Attica Memorial Hospital: The Ingelson Burn Center’ in the Cases in Health Services Management, 6th ed., prepare a 6-7-page report using basic legal terminology where appropriate, which includes the following:

· An operational analysis of the structure and performance of the healthcare organization, including the distribution of power and circumstances regarding merger, joint venture, and other financial arrangements.

· Determine the leadership responsibilities regarding the issues involving merger and acquisition, vertical and horizontal integration, joint venture, and other financial arrangements with providers and vendors in this case. Include your viewpoints on the integrity of the individuals involved in the situation.

· Compare and contrast this case to current event scenarios, based on your research.

· Prepare a leadership plan explaining how you would manage the situation given a similar opportunity. Explain how you will assure integrity a part of your plan

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