The Fifth Amendment protect individuals against self- incrimination. The Sixth Amendment affords individuals protections in the criminal process.

This discussion asks you to examine the rights afforded to individuals under the Fifth and Sixth Amendment.

Please thoroughly discuss each of the following:

1. Discuss the difference between an arrest and a custodial interrogation. When must Miranda be given to an individual?

2. Discuss how the court determines if a confession should be admissible or not. What does the court look for to determine if a confession is voluntarily given?




Describe the basic field of Ethnomethodolgy – what are the main concerns of this perspective and how do they differ from traditional sociological concerns? How do Garfinkel’s Breaching Experiments relate to the main concern of Ethnomethodology?  Also share an example of an informal breaching experiment and the response (for example, a time that someone did not follow a social norm or a video portraying norm-breaking, including a link).



create a gap analysis of one area of your business venture where you see a “gap” between where your business is and where you want it to be. Explain what is creating the gap and some of the factors that contribute to it, then discuss how you will develop strategies to bridge the gap.


Define temperament. Describe how temperament can play a role in a child’s behaviors.

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