Allocation Assignment

For this assignment, you will practice decision-making in the allocation of resources. Follow these guidelines:

1.) Read the Allocation Assignment Instructions

2.) Complete the activity and save your assignment as Allocation-your name

3.) Use the following formatting guidelines:

Use 12-point Times New Roman font

Use one-inch margins.

I have attached the allocation assignment instructions below

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SW 210 Allocation Assignment Instructions


One of the most challenging issues facing professionals who work in the child welfare system is scarcity of resources. The allocation of these scarce resources can have long-term effects of the children and families in the child welfare system. This exercise is designed to allow you to practice decision-making in allocation of resources for vulnerable families.


You have a total of $4,500 to divide on a monthly basis among the following seven household units. You may award each unit as little or as much as you like, but the total of your awards may not exceed your $4,500 budget. Explain how you would allocate the funds and provide a brief justification for each of your awards. (Your instructor knows that the information provided here is scant. Do your best with the information you are given.) Do not assume anything but you may be a “broker of resources.”


1. 19-year-old unwed mother with two children (ages 6 months and two years). Mother is unemployed and dropped out of high school. She receives sporadic financial help from her current boyfriend who is the father of the younger child.

2. 35-year-old divorced mother with two children (ages 3 years and 8 years). She is an unemployed college graduate. She receives sporadic financial help from her ex-husband.

3. 63-year-old Vietnam veteran. He is currently unemployed and homeless. He panhandles on the street for income. He drinks heavily.

4. 25-year-old male. He is an unemployed high school graduate. He does occasional odd jobs for income and floats between family and friends for shelter.

5. Married couple. Husband is 69 years old and retired. Wife is 65 and has never been employed outside the family household. They have 4 adult children who are married and living independently.

6. 35-year-old PWA (Person With AIDS). A college graduate who is currently unemployed due to medical complications. PWA’s live-in partner contributes financially when possible.

7. Married couple. Husband is 28 and wife is 25 years old. They have two children (ages 2 years and 3 years). The couple is from Mexico and is in the United States “illegally” (without documentation). Both work “off the books” whenever they can get a job. They receive sporadic help from the Mexican community.


Use the following formatting guidelines:

· Use 12-point Times New Roman font

· Use one-inch margins.



SW 210 Allocation Assignment Instructions

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