Strategic Staffing text, Chapter 1, end of chapter discussion questions, p. 26

1. Relate a hiring experience you have had as a job seeker to the process illustrated in Figure 1-1. What could the organization you applied to have done to improve your experience?

2. Assume that your organization wants to pursue a staffing strategy of acquiring the best talent possible. Give an example of how the firm’s ability to provide only average pay can affect the success of this staffing strategy.

3. Why is staffing so important to store performance as discussed in the chapter opening Staffing Challenge?

4. Recruiting and selection are interdependent, two-way processes in which both employers and recruits try to look appealing to the other while learning as much as they can about their potential fit. Impression management is the process through which people and employers each try to control the impressions others form of them. How do applicants and employers try to look appealing to each other during the staffing process?


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