Response week 4

The assignment wants you to have a better understanding of the process of removal by those living at the time and by the native population. Please read each section of the assignment carefully and answer in full sentences using proper grammar. Be sure to completely document any sources used within the assignment.

This assignment contains three parts. Carefully read the instructions and place your responses to all four parts on one Word document.

Part 1: After watching the Video (The Trail of Tears They Knew it Was Wrong) answer the following questions:

  • What was the justification used by the government to move Native Americans off their land?
  • What were the ways that the tribes affected attempted to fight removal?
  • How did individuals at the time respond to the movement of Native Americans off their land?

Part 2: Routes taken

Which major U.S. cities are located within the areas that are described as “Ceded Lands”?
Is there a relationship between the ceded areas and major cities? If not, why might these areas have been determined to be desirable?
What problems can you think of that might have arisen due to the manner in which the Indian Reservation land was set up?

Part 3:

Answer the following questions: All answers must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the assigned reading chapters.

  • What is the relationship between the production of cash crops and the designation of certain tribes as “civilized?”
  • What tools did the Cherokee use to combat the State of Georgia’s attempts to rule over them and push them off their land? What was the result of the Cherokee’s efforts? Use the information from the NBC Learn video, “The Cherokee Nation v. Georgia,” found in the module as well as the textbook reading assignment to answer this question.
  • What was the functional relationship between Seminoles and Black Seminoles? Provide a detailed explanation of how this relationship can be described as symbiotic?
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