Literature Review

“2. Literature Review_References_Images, 50 points.  You will need at least six references. This is where you tell me you are an expert in your topic, how you know what you know, and to tell me what I need to know to understand your Discussion and Analysis. How good are your resources? Can you believe them? Can you disprove them? Is there obsolete or debunked information? Can you triangulate two or more sources to make a point? Literature reviews should be 2-3 pages.

Your References Page should be fairly complete but could change as you write.

Based on the examples and discussion, your literature review should establish the scope of your discussion by the source materials you use to substantiate your research.  Since everything you state as a fact needs a source, the more high-quality sources you have, the better your references will be.   The Literature Review is information that is critical for my understanding of your discussion. ”

Basically, review the attached resources and project idea and then type up 2-3 pages, MLA format.

My Project Topic


I was thinking of studying the culture of Lithuania to see how it differs from my household. Specifically, I want to look at the foods commonly eaten, their religious beliefs, how they spend time, how their family dynamics are and their forms of transportation. This is important to me because my grandma was from Lithuania. I am 50% Lithuanian. I loved her, but I didn’t know her well and because she fled from the war, she was hesitant to talk about her home country because it contained too many painful memories. I plan to use the internet and secondary research. I don’t really have a way to do participant observation, as it’s in another country.



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