Reminder: This writing assignment, like all others, is subject to SafeAssign. Plagiarism, recycling writing assignments from one class to another, copying and pasting from the internet & other forms of cheating will not be tolerated; “I didn’t know” is not an excuse. For more on Academic Violations, please see the course syllabus.

Directions: This  covers the following literary works: The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Art of War, & Oedipus, the King. You may choose to write over one of the three. It should be clear from your responses that you read the literature and thought about what it means. The answer should be your OWN answer and not a regurgitation of something found on the internet. You will be graded on grammar, word choice, and format. Each answer you choose should consist of at least one full paragraph with a topic sentence, 5 supporting-detail sentences, a conclusion sentence, and sentence-to-sentence transitions. If you choose a numbered prompt with multiple questions, you must answer each question. Download this document, type your answer beneath each prompt you chose, save and submit.

Choose five of the following numbered prompts. Write at least one full paragraph for each prompt:

1. What was your initial response to the literature? Why? Use descriptive words to show your response.

2. What are the major conflicts that characters face in the text? How do the characters seek to overcome these conflicts?

3. How would you describe two or three of the major characters? Are they likeable? Do they make mistakes? What are their motives and intentions?

4. How does the language affect the text’s overall meaning? Is the language powerful? What emotions does the language evoke? What specific words create meaning?

5. What is the world view of the text? How does this world view differ or relate to our world view today?

6. Create a diary entry for one of the characters. You might choose a main character or a supporting character.

7. Find an online image that somehow relates to the text. Paste the image in this document, provide in-text citations and a Works Cited. Explain the relationship between the text and the image you chose. (*Do not recycle a previous discussion board exercise).

8. Write a short story about what happened before the text begins or what happens after the text ends.

9. Think of a modern-day celebrity, artist, public figure, etc. that reminds you of a character in the text. Explain your answer.

10. Describe a takeaway lesson that we can learn from the literature.

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