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Final Exam: Final Story Project Overview and Instructions

Overview This semester, you have had the opportunity to identify your purpose, explore your career, and

plan for your education here at Valencia and beyond. You have taken a variety of assessments

that offered insight into your strengths, values, interests, learning, and student strategies. You

have also learned about Valencia’s valuable resources that will help you navigate your way

through college and successfully accomplish your ultimate purpose in life. Now it is time to

share what you have learned by telling a story.

Imagine that it is eight to ten years from now. You have already completed your education and

you are currently working in your dream career. You are looking back on your journey and

telling your story while incorporating what you have learned in this course. You can choose

whom you will be sharing your story with and the manner in which you tell your story. However,

it must be by the final exam due date and in one of the acceptable formats.

Creativity and forward thinking are extremely important for this project. Below are a couple of

examples of ways you can share your story. Note, you do not have to tell your story in any of

the following ways. These are only examples.

You are talking to your high school coach/mentor who believed in you and now you want to let

him or her see where you are today.

 You are being interviewed on the news because you ________________.

 You are mentoring a new employee/student who wants to know how you got to where you are today.

The ideas are endless, so think about your audience and bring the background, setting, and

overall presentation to life. Be creative with how you share your story. Plan your presentation

and ensure that delivery techniques (posture, gesture, eye contact, and vocal expressiveness) help

to convey the meaning of your final presentation.

Updated 6/11/19

Presentation Instructions

You will create a visual presentation 5-8 minutes in length, incorporating the required elements,

using one of the visual presentation options below. You will also submit script for your


Required Elements The following elements must be included in your presentation:

Criteria Requirement


 Your story should be told in a creative, realistic way. The audience should be able to clearly identify the setting and background for your

presentation. You should also use visual aids, props, and/or attire that is

relevant to the setting and story.

 You should adhere to the time limit (5-8 minutes) for your presentation.

 You should be prepared for your presentation and if you incorporate media it should be well-produced.


 You should be prepared and confident when speaking.

 You should use language/vocabulary that aligns with your future path.

Personal purpose

Discuss your personal purpose statement (from your purpose paper). Your

presentation should include:

 A rationale for your personal purpose statement

 A clear connection between your values, interests, strengths or goals (from the assessments taken in the course)

 An explanation of how the personal purpose statement helped you choose your career

Academic pathway

Discuss the path you took to complete your education. Your presentation

should include:

 The degree you pursued at Valencia and your transfer institution (if applicable)

 A review of how much it cost you to complete your associate’s and bachelor’s degree (if applicable) and how you paid for your education

(for example: grants, loans, scholarships, personal budget)

 Information about the resources (for example: people, places, course lessons) you used at Valencia to help you be successful and/or develop

your education plan

Career pathway

Discuss the path you took to get to your career of choice. Your presentation

should include:

 The steps you took after completing your degree to secure your career (internships, certifications, licensures, etc.)

 A detailed description of your profession (what do you do?)

 A discussion of general workforce skills (what skills are needed to do what you do?)

Updated 6/11/19

Visual Presentation Options

 Option 1: Video of your oral presentation: If you select this option, this means you plan to record yourself orally presenting your story with or without media (such PowerPoint presentation or Prezi).

If you create a video of your oral presentation, you are strongly encouraged to

upload your video to YouTube. This is the only way to ensure that there are no

issues with uploading your assignment and my ability to view your presentation

after submission. Change the privacy settings to “Unlisted” and paste the link to

your video into a Word document. Upload the Word document that includes your

link by the due date.

 Option 2: Video with narration presenting your story using media sources such as PowToons, iMovie, Movie Maker, GoAnimate, SlideDog, etc. If you select this

option, you will need to include narration and incorporate visual components.

 Option 3: Narrated PowerPoint Presentation or other presentation software. If you choose this option, you will need to create presentation and add narration to each

slide throughout the presentation.

Review the How to Guide: Record a slide show with narration and slide timings in

PowerPoint for help adding narration to your slides.

Submitting your Script

All students are required to submit a script, along with their visual presentation. Your is a

written account of your entire presentation and should be written in paragraph or detailed

outline format.

Steps for completing your final exam presentation

1. Select one of the visual presentations options (above). 2. Create your script for your visual presentation. Doing so will assist you with the

narration of your project. Use the Final Story Planning Documents & Rubric.

3. Create your visual presentation. Start early and anticipate technical difficulties. 4. Submit your final exam by the due date.

Tip: When creating your final story project, use your Final Story Planning Document and

feedback from your professor. Also, refer to the Final Story Rubric. This is your cumulative

project in the course so it is important that you consider other course related content and

bring that into your project.

Take a moment to review the Final Story Project Rubric for details about how your

submission will be graded.

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