clinical modality


Choose one clinical modality discussed in class and write a paper with 7- 10 pages (excluding Title page, Abstract, and Reference page) using an APA style. The modality could be one discussed in the course or, with approval by the instructor, one from the following list of psychotherapies:

The paper will include an overview of the modality, its theory, and practice technique, and a section on research evaluating its effectiveness with at least one major disorder. You cannot use the research articles assigned in the weekly readings. This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin.

Clinical modality discussed in class:

· Existential Psychotherapy. Focus on making responsible choices and accepting freedom. Anxiety.

· Gestalt therapy. (Can be used to treat depression/ anxiety/ ADHD).

· Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy: Effective Treatment for Complex Trauma and Disorders of Attachment. Focus on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

· Relational-Cultural Therapy



Introduction: Strongly conveys topic and delineates subtopics to be discussed in the body of text in the assignment.

Focus and Sequencing: Content strongly related to the topic; strong organization and integration of content within subtopics; and strong transitions linking subtopics and main topic.

Support: Strong scholarly, peer-reviewed support of topic; supporting materials are published within 5-7 years, as appropriate. A minimum of 3 references are required.

Conclusion: Strong summarization with synthesis and insightful discussion of topic conclusions. No new information is introduced into the conclusion.

No grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Writing mechanics are consistent with formal scholarly work. No errors in APA style based upon the required APA manuals.

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