you interviewed the CEO and evaluated the organization to gain insight into the CEO’s perspective of the organization. With this information, you will be able to assist the CEO and leaders in developing a strategic plan to encourage future success of the organization.

Create a summary that you will present to the leaders and managers of the organization to help them understand how their roles, philosophies, and leadership styles, can either hinder or encourage future growth in the organization.

  • **Propose a method to align the organization’s goals with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • **Social Mission of the Organization (What is the mission?). 
  • **Human Capital (What should the organization’s perspective be about human capital?). 
  • **Engaging Employees 
  • **Leadership’s Influence on Employee Performance and Morale

Submission Details:

  • 2 to 3 pages
  • APA formatWeek 1 Project/ ABC International

    Mina Prophitt

    Dr. Maddox

    South University

    July 18th, 2022







    ABC International Inc., is the company that works with one of its employees on ensuring the organization contributes to offering various products and services to the customers and toward achieving general growth of the company in the world.

    Develop interview questions to ask the CEO.

    The different questions which would be asked to the CEO by the external consultant would include the following;

    What are the top goals for the CEO for this year in the organization?

    Who is normally involved in the decision-making and also in the execution of the different projects of the organization?

    What are different factors one would consider that makes the organization being learned by the CEO different from other organization outside there carrying out the same business activities?

    What is the most important thing to your organization among the following, values, vision, or mission?

    What does the organization’s HR team do in ensuring that their actions align with the interest and goals of the organization in the hiring of new employees?

    How do the CEO and other employees working in the organization ensure that they are adding value to the organization?

    What are some of the major challenges which the organization’s HR department faces most of the time and what are some of the solutions that the CEO develops on dealing with these challenges?

    Part 1: Organization Overview

    -Historical overview of the organization

    The organization is considered to have been started a long time ago whereby it has now over 20 years of operation which means that in the sector involving the products and services being offered by the company, there ash been noted major changes which have been made over years. The company has been experiencing major challenges over the last durations of operational years whereby some of these issues result from the management that is taking into consideration of planning and running of the organization’s activities.

    -Number of employees (including managers, CEOs, VPs, etc.)

    There are a different number of managers in the organization who are running different organization departmental activities whereby there are about 3 managers, one CEO, and about 10 VIPs who are considered to be very important people for the organization that including the senior council members of the organization who are considered much important in the decision making processes concerning the organization.

    -Number of departments

    There are about 5 departments in the organization that include, the IT department, Finance department, HR department, standards and regulation department, and many more.

    -Board members

    There are 10 board members for the organization who comprises the CEO, the three managers in the organization who are governing major operation being conducted in the different areas which are needing managerial position who would oversee the activities being undertaken.

    -Organization chart

    The organization chart is considered to be having detailed explanation of the hierarchy in terms of leadership in the organization whereby for our case, the organization hierarchy of leadership s noted to be as follows, the CEO is the top person, who is followed by three managers, the departmental heads, the employee’s leaders in the various work stations, the employees, the assisting staff’s ad security being the last person in the organization chart.

    Part 2: CEO Interview & Summarize CEO Responses

    -Social mission

    The CEO’s response to the social mission of the organization was that different objectives have been set and explained as the standards that govern how the organization interacts with the community or social environment within which it operates whereby the responses for this case were more positive and precise.

    -Human capital

    The CEO responded that human capital is very vital for the organization because it has helped on having major progress being made ad also being a CEO, he stated that he also remains a human capital that is being relied on by the organization on achieving major successes.

    -Engaging employees

    There are different ways in which the employees are engaged such as in the decision-making processes the CEO explained that they involve the employees in the decision-making whereby their contribution is considered and taken into consideration.

    -Leadership’s influence on employee performance and morale

    The CEO explained that there are different approaches and strategies which are put in place that help on having employee performances and morale improved such as through motivation via incentives, the addition of salary ranges, having best-performing employees being recognized and rewarded by the organization, and also having offs and vacations being offered to employees on different intervals thus helping to raise their morale to work and reduce work strikes.

    -Current business strategy to gain the competitive edge

    The current strategies which are being employed by the organization were stated by the CEO of being such as ensuring there is customer satisfaction, ensuring that quality is an assured thing on product and service being provided, and other competitive strategies.

    -Corporate governance policy

    Here the CEO gave the response that there are points at which they prefer having corporate governance of the organization which is done by the board of directors but not in all scenarios where their decision is made and thus taking consideration of having personal decision being made by managers, employees and those decision needing any other leadership position being taken into consideration

    Part 3: Building on the CEO’s Responses & Designed a New Mission Statement

    -Social mission

    The new mission statement on this would be having an organization that is delivering quality services that are undisputable within the environments of operations whereby the company would even engage with the fellow company to learn more from them on having business-oriented strategies that would ensure its success for a long duration of time.

    -Human capital

    The mission statement here would be on having quality-driven methods being applied by the HR team in the hiring of the human capital for the organization who would ensure the company attains its levels best rate of operation.

    -Engaging employees

    Engagement of the employees would be achieved by ensuring that innovation is being given room in the organization and also allowing the employees to decide their work stations without much consideration and thus helping having organization achieve its objectives.

    -Leadership’s influence on employee performance and morale

    The strategy which would be employed here is having employee appreciation based on performances whereby they will be rewarded certain gifts by the organization and also having the issues being raised by employees relating to their safety and challenges they face at work being dealt with.

    -Current business strategy to gain the competitive edge

    The strategy of having competence being attained by ensuring quality and provision of services would ensure there is a good reputation of the organization in the different areas of operations.

    -Corporate Governance

    It’s important to have corporate governance but situations which are needing decisions to be made by the CEO or the Managers based on the urgency of the situation which is needing a decision to be made and thus helping on ensuring that operations of the organization are not affected at all by decisions that are needing board of directors for there to be a consensus.













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