please answer each question separately


Do some research on one of the Eastern systems and then compare it to  either Aristotle’s virtue theory or Aquinas’ Natural Law Theory in terms  of which seems more reasonable. Which seems more coherent and able to  be followed and which might help a person formulate a plan that would  produce more morally acceptable behavior.


Do some research into  Rand’s rational egoism and then either defend her theory as a reasonable  way to make moral judgments or argue that her way of thinking about  morality is untenable. Pick a situation like charity, community  service or government assistance (Welfare) and, after providing what you  feel would be her attituded toward the action, discuss if you feel she  is morally right.


Some people promote the idea that humans should have the right to die with dignity (see  ). Several states have legalized physician-assisted suicide (PAS).  However, others may argue that a doctor prescribing a deadly  prescription violates that doctor’s Hippocratic Oath or claim that  suicide by any means is immoral. Doing research and taking into  consideration the actual laws concerning when and how a confirmed  terminal patient would be able to request PAS, make an argument that it  is or is not a moral action. Also see if you can find Kant’s famous  argument on the immorality of suicide. Does he have a point or are there  just some times when the morally right thing to do is to allow a person  to end his or her suffering?


Abortion  is always a sticky subject. Taking the notions of care ethics and  relationships in moral matters into consideration, present a researched  argument that there are times when having an abortion is the morally  right thing to do.

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