Biblically Integrated lesson plan

EDUC 602

Biblically Integrated Lesson Plan Assignment Instructions

1. Visit the Biblical Integration Lesson Plan Worksheet website found on the Biblically Integrated Lesson Plan Assignment page under Biblically Integrated Lesson Plan Resources and review the concepts, instructions, and examples on how to write a biblically integrated lesson plan.


2. In Microsoft Word, recreate your own version of the lesson plan. It is strongly suggested you use this lesson plan template found on the Biblically Integrated Lesson Plan Assignment page under Biblically Integrated Lesson Plan Resources. Include all of the information in the box at the top and all 7 of the sections on the lesson plan. It does not have to look like the lesson plan provided on the website; however all of the sections from the website’s lesson plan worksheet must be present on your version.


3. Complete your version of the lesson plan by selecting a subject and specific middle school appropriate lesson content. Provide background information such as subject area, grade level, lesson content, and Virginia State Standards. Complete all of the information on the lesson plan sheet including the measurable objectives, assessments, and biblical integration sections (steps 4–7). Do not just refer to principles but actually reference specific Bible verses or passages that apply to your lesson plan content. Ask questions and present ideas to help integrate biblical priciples.

4. Do NOT use any of the examples or samples provided on the site; create your own. Using the provided examples or samples will result in a 0 grade for the assignment.


5. All objectives should be measurable, using the current LU model.


6. Use Virginia State Standards, even if you live out of state. You may also include your home state standards, if desired.

Biblically Integrated Lesson Plan



Grade Level:


Standards Addressed:


1. Lesson Objective:

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2. Instruction: Anticipatory Set (lead-in/hook):


3. Assessment:

4. Biblical Principle:

6. Biblical Integration: (verses, questions, ideas)

7. Biblical Integration Assessment:

5. Biblically Integrated Lesson Objective:

Reteaching and/or Extension:

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