Create a 2-paragraph post to the Discussion Board in which you “share out” your experiences with your informants.

In the first paragraph, report your data. That is, share who you interviewed, what they said, and how they drew on their maps. If you need help getting started, use these questions to guide you:

· Who were your informants (age, gender, etc.) and where are they from originally?

· Did your informants show any positive or negative biases towards any particular region or way of talking?

· Did your informants identify specific areas where “correct” and “pleasant” English is spoken? Which areas? Did they give a rationale for their opinion?

· Were there any particular language features (words, pronunciations, etc.) that your informants negatively or positively evaluated?

In the second paragraph, analyze your data. That is, explain and interpret your findings. You do not need to ground your findings in research, or blow the doors off of science and generate some new, never claimed before finding. Instead, just use your own words to tell us what your data means. If you need help getting started, use these questions to guide you:

· Was there any consensus among the three informants as to where correct and pleasant English are spoken?

· How did your results compare with the research presented in the mini-lecture on perceptual dialectology?

Lastly, include a photo of at least one (1) of the maps from one of your informants.

You can just color the map with the states on , you will only color the state from which the person is from

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