Being able to assess ELLs with reliability and validity presents unique challenges. For this discussion, you will read about and disseminate the purpose of and complications with assessing ELLs. Respond to the

K-12 in a two to three paragraph written piece.

Children or Students in a K-12 Learning Context

Read from your primary text:

· Chapter 4: Assessment and Program Options

· Chapter 9: Learners with Special Needs

Watch colorincolorado’s 2015 video Assessment for ELLs

Address the following items in your original post.

· Explain the purposes of assessment for ELLs.

· Summarize some of the challenges with assessing ELLs.

· Clarify what information is new to you and how your thinking might have changed based on this information.

· Generate one or two questions you still have about assessing ELLs.

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