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***Respond to two or more of your colleagues’ posts in one or more of the following ways: 100 or more words each colleagues

· Ask a question about your colleague’s experience with a brand introduced through an influencer.

· Offer an insight you gained from your colleague’s appraisal of how effective the influencer they described was.

· Provide an additional perspective on your colleague’s identification of the benefits of influencer marketing compared to other forms of marketing.

· Share your perspective on the risks that brands face when collaborating with influencers and/or the example your colleague provided of those risks being realized.



1st Colleague to respond to:


Hello Class,


Digital marketing has embraced influencer marketing as one of its most innovative aspects. Over the last decade, it has grown exponentially and is expected to continue. My experience with influencers is through Instagram. I want to talk about the influencer Rhianna; she currently has 133 million followers on Instagram. Rhianna owns a beauty line called Fenty beauty which was launched in 2017 and has 11 million followers. Her focus was on creating products that put the customer first and helped diversify the beauty business rather than relying on her name alone. Fenty generated $100 million in the first 40 days of launch due to this forward-thinking and strong branding strategy (Harker, 2020). By taking on both the role of creator and influencer in this industry, Rihanna was able to grow the Fenty brand and generate revenue on both sides.


The products of Fenty come in 40 shades to accommodate every skin tone and undertone – which means they are quite suited to a wide range of consumers. To reach a broad audience, Fenty offers products that cater to the needs of a mass audience. Models and celebrities primarily from Black, Asian, and minority ethnicities have been featured in Fenty’s brand marketing (Harker, 2020). The company has succeeded in connecting directly with consumers from ethnic minorities that would have been excluded by other brands’ mainly Eurocentric marketing efforts. By pushing the boundaries with its marketing and products, Fenty has secured a significant clientele, typically underrepresented in marketing and product development, minority women. My girlfriends use Fenty products and have high praises about what the product has to offer.


As opposed to traditional marketing, influencer marketing focuses on audiences with highly relevant interests. For traditional marketing to be successful, brands need to be well-funded. Meanwhile, influencer marketing is ideal for businesses of all sizes and budgets. One risk a brand might face when collaborating with an influencer is that it increases the likelihood of a scandal. For instance, YouTube star James Charles, who has 25 million subscribers, was accused of grooming underage boys. After allegations of sexual misconduct, James Charles lost his contract with makeup company Morphe, and YouTube temporarily removed James from its Partner Program. A YouTube Partner Program suspension means James won’t be able to receive payments from his videos for the time being.


Working with influencers allowed marketers to enhance their traditional marketing strategies. Connecting with real people on social media adds authenticity and helps reach new audiences. Influencers have become ambassadors through collaborations that have led to long-term partnerships (GRIN, 2022).




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2nd Colleague to respond to:


The Crayon Case is a makeup brand started by an African American influencer from New Orleans, LA. The influencer goes by the name @SupaCent on social media platforms. The Crayon Case is known for it’s pigmented makeup (blush, lip sticks, and eyeshadows, etc.). The influencer is the owner of the company as well. @SupaCent basically used her platform to give celebrities free make-up kits when she first started off. There was an article about Supa on how she sold 1 million dollars of product in 1 hour.

Supa was very innovative when it came down to promoting her brand and using her social media platform to give The Crayon Case exposure and credibility it needed to become a successful and thriving organiztion.  Influencer marketing allows one to reach their target marketing audience, improves brand awareness, and enhances your content strategy.

A risk a brand may face when dealing with an influencer is the Influencer engagement is decreasing or the influencer isn’t as popular as they once were before. This is I’m sure an instance almost everyone can relate to, an influencer has COVID and isn’t able to produce content as fast or often as they were doing pre-COVID. Causing of interest for that particular person to go down as well as demand for the influencer to produce content.



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