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Assignment 4

Analyze the last most recent three years of COCA COLA COMPANY net income compared to industry averages. Include a brief summary of the history (including ethical concerns and the impact of ethical concerns on management) of your corporation



You must have at least two reference list items (e.g., web page from the corporation’s website that you used and the corporation’s most recent annual report). Most corporations have a web page entitled “About.” This is where you will find information to summarize to present a paragraph about the corporation’s history and the industry in which it operates. You will have another paragraph where you report the net income for the last three years that you find in the most recent annual report. Include the specific page number or numbers in the annual report where you found this information. Every item in a reference list must be cited in the writing. Every number (e.g., dates and monetary amounts) must have an in-text citation to the source of the information.

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