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Case Study Student Name: Becky Sample

Date: 8/1/21

Lesson #: 29

Mental Health Diagnosis: Paranoia (use the exact diagnosis given within the case study narrative)

Client’s Name: Jane Sample

Signs and Symptoms for Mental Health Diagnosis: (Write all signs and symptoms listed within the case study.)

• Extreme and consistent distrust of others without sufficient basis.

• Verbalizes intent to harm self.

• Avoids others out of fear of being hurt.

• Irrational beliefs and describes visual hallucinations.

Other Case Details Need to Know for Treatment Planning (must explain

reasoning): (After reading the case study, ask yourself, what else do I need to know about this client to assist them? In other words, what was not told to you within the case

study that you need to know? Remember, do not use the word “I” within your Case Study


• Additional information about the client’s support system is needed to help educate the

client’s family about the symptoms of mental illness so that they can respond calmly and

firmly to the client’s psychotic behaviors.

Treatment Interventions and Reason: (After reading the case study, look within the chapter for all the suggested treatment options for that type of diagnosis. Choose the

ones you would use for your client to address their specific symptoms and needs. Be sure

to state the reason for using each. In other words, what will you use it to target and for

what type of treatment outcome?)

• Psychotherapy to explore the nature and depth of the client’s current feelings or ideas of paranoia to help reestablish and maintain reality-based orientation that is free from

suspicious thoughts and beliefs.

• Refer the client to a psychiatrist for medication evaluation.

• Refer the client to a neurologist to rule out cognitive disorders as the cause for paranoia.List the signs and symptoms that point to a mental health diagnosis in the case.
Describe the other case details you would need to know for treatment planning and explain your reasoning.
List and describe the treatment interventions you would use for this case and explain your reasoning.


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