Please answer the below questions in 250 word limit in APA format with 2 in text citations

You own a small business and have five full-time employees. You suspect that one of your employees is spending a significant part of their workday browsing the web rather than working. Would you consider using software to monitor employee computer activity? Discuss your thoughts/feelings about employee monitoring.

Need to respond to one classmate post. The response should be in 150 word limit (please see attached document for classmate post)

For me, monitoring the employees is ok, I’m not talking about monitoring, but having software or something which is a part of the computer system. I think that’s okay if the employees or managers are not the ones who watch the computer. I don’t think it is bad idea to monitor people. My computer is for work, so you would think if I am on my work computer I should be doing my work. I think it is okay. It’s always the same. If you have nothing else to do during work hours, make sure you at least do your job. In the end, the management must make the choice. If it is a company policy, they must keep to it (Mettler & Wulf, 2019).

I do not feel comfortable monitoring an employee because it is not a part of their job. An employee should be able to work, or they should at least be a part of the company that is providing the job. If there is someone that is watching over their shoulder, then it should be an individual of that employee and not of the company that they are working for (Tabrizchi & Kuchaki, 2020). If there is an issue that needs to be checked and they are away from the computer, it should be something that they should handle and not something that they have to worry about because of the watchful eye. If there is a manager that has to be kept in check, then there should be someone to do that, but an employee that does not work should not have to worry about what another person is doing.

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