700-900 Word answer

700 word answer

apa format

Minimum 1 academic source

Read all of chapter 1, describe these areas within your own organization (Auto Parts Center/ Warehouse) based on your Chapter 1 readings: (remember, this is not your opinion – but the information should be based on your readings – and thus, applied to your organization)

· Identify the basic types of business information systems where you work and discuss who uses them, how they are used, and what kinds of benefits they deliver. You should note at least 3 business information systems within your organization.

Three BIS used are below:

WMS ( Warehouse Management System) , WCS ( Warehouse Control System) / AS/RS Automatic stocking and retrieval system, WES ( Warehouse Execution System)

· Identify the value-added processes in the supply chain and describe the role of information systems within them. (again, read your chapter so you can incorporate the readings into your own organization’s supply chain)

· Identify some of the strategies employed to lower costs or improve service.

· Define the term competitive advantage and discuss how your organization is using information systems to gain such an advantage.

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