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Based on the nursing caring theory, the concept of personhood relates to how individuals relate to and understand each other from the human dignity in the healthcare system. One of the responsibilities of the nurses is to have a good understanding of other people’s lives to be aware of the level and quality of healthcare services they offer. The personhood concept relates to the ability of healthcare experts to display a sense of humanity when offering healthcare services (Sofronas et al., 2018). The concept explains the impacts of interaction between nurse and their clients. The nurse is considered to be a moral agent, and they are considered to display moral actions.

According to personhood, being thoughtful and caring remains a critical part of being an individual. The theory explains that every individual is caring, but it does not explain or support that each individual’s acts can be considered caring. The theory supports the thought that caring is effective and consistent for a period and it is a continuous process.

The concept of personhood, considered to be a condition of being a person, has raised debates for many years. Known philosophers like Locke and Descartes consider mankind as a living creature with the ability to think rationally from their memory. The philosophy of Locke and Descartes considers the sense of being a person develops through the relationship with the surroundings, such as individuals. Each individual has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of personhood, because it allows people to feel a sense of belonging through creating relationships with others.

The theory of caring in nursing plays a critical role in the nursing field. The theory of caring in nursing comprehends and focuses on utilizing individualized, focused methodologies while delivering care to patients and those who need other medical attention. The personhood concept considers people as naturally caring; therefore, the nurses should apply the aspect of care in their daily practice.

The nurses need to improve their parenthood to deliver nursing services to their patients. Considering nursing as a caring theory, nurses have the opportunity to promote the nature of care and clinical outcomes through developing reliable correspondence, connection, and reliable cooperation systems with their clients.

The personhood concept is a critical aspect of nursing that includes a basic examination of the patient’s health information to promote the delivery of the most effective care for each patient. The concept behind personhood remains substantial and a critical connection between nurse and their clients (Sofronas et al., 2018). The concept of personhood is characterized as a way of living for all individuals and built on the foundation of caring. The Health and sickness of an individual are handled by the conservative aspect of the personhood concept that is based on values displaying the limits of life and how it fights the pathophysiological transformation, which impacts the human awareness of the elements that make humans complete.

Personhood is considered a behavior by intentionality, and nursing plan need to be displayed through active practice. All the key elements that make up a complete individual are necessary for care delivery (Kitwood, 2021). Nursing as a caring theory acts as a critical aspect within the field of nursing where it relies on personhood through borrowing some of the critical ideas from the personhood concept.



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