Course Project

  • Read quickly through the case (in the attachments) one time to get an overall sense of the material.
  • Read through the case again, carefully. Make written notes as you read.
  • Evaluate how strategic concepts might inform key decisions or suggest alternative solutions
  • After formulating an initial recommendation, evaluate the case again to help assess the consequences of the actions, solutions, processes, etc. you propose.

Please don’t limit your analysis to the case information provided. I strongly encourage you to find external sources with more current information, data, issues, etc. to improve your understanding, analysis, and final recommendations.

In the following outline are the requirements for the completion of your course project.

You must use the Management and Marketing Analysis, but the Economics and Finance Analysis might vary per case (optional).

Listed is the Course Project Outline to follow:

  • Introduction
  • Problems or Issues Identified
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Management Analysis
    • Planning
    • Organizing
    • Leading
    • Controlling
  • Marketing Analysis
    • Place
    • Promotion
    • Price
    • Product
  • Financial Analysis (Optional, if applicable)
  • Economic Analysis (Optional, if applicable)
  • Action Plan/Recommendations and Suggestions to Management
  • Conclusion
  • Works Cited

Proper MLA/APA citation must be used for all documentation of sources.


Your information here




Problems or Issues Identified

Described your company’s issues and problems to be solved.




SWOT Analysis

Described your company’s Situation (SWOT) Analysis by explaining at least three items for each element. Apply your understanding of Chapter 7.



Your information here



Your information here



Your information here



Your information here




Management Analysis

Described how the four management functions (planning, organizing, leading & controlling) would help address this case. Apply your understanding of Chapter 7.



Your information here



Your information here



Your information here



Your information here


Marketing Analysis

Described how you would approach the Marketing Mix for your company using the 4 Ps. Apply your understanding of Chapter 13.


Your information here



Your information here



Your information here



Your information here

Financial Analysis (Optional, if applicable)

Describe how short-term solvency, activity, financial leverage, profitability and value ratios based on key financial statements affect this case (if applicable). Apply your understanding of Chapter 17.


Economic Analysis (Optional, if applicable)

Described how two macro factors (i.e., GDP, employment) & two Micro factors (i.e., supply/demand, production capability) affect this case (if applicable). Apply your understanding of Chapter 2.


Action Plan/Recommendations and Suggestions to Management

Provided an action plan for this case including how to prevent a future similar occurrence.



Your information here


Works Cited

Your information here

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