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I believe that marketing and advertising creates consumer needs rather than satisfying them. Marketings sole purpose in some sense is to create a desire or want of a certain product or service. These service or products however are not always needed. We all have basic need and wants socially I believe. Meaning we all need a car, food and so fourth. But what advertising does and can do Is exploit those needs in some ways. For example, Im siting at home with my daughter watching tv. I know that I have to make dinner because we will both need to eat. We already planned on making tacos, her favorite. But a Chick-fil-a commercial pops on the television and my daughters need for food to satisfy her needs for food is now her asking me if we can do chick fil a instead. So was that need or desire for chick fil previously there? No but the need for food was. In an article by Ajfet discussing the way advertising exploits children he states “Marketers have recognised children as arguably the most important consumer of all and use clever campaigns to target and exploit them” and that “advertising campaigns has a major influence on the consumption patterns of the family”. The reason they use in the article is referred to as “pester power” which I found to be quite interesting.

Ajfet, /. (2016, April 04). Exploitative advertising campaigns are targeting our children. Retrieved June 10, 2022, from mpaigns-are-targeting-our-children/

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