Career Mentoring Program

having completed the Career Mentoring Program, take time now to reflect on your experiences over the past 10 weeks.

For this activity:

do  A one PG summary of your career mentoring experiences, addressing one or more of these topics: career choice, job search strategies, resume or profile, networking, and lessons learned.

  • Did you solidify your career choice or discover new careers of interest?
  • Did you learn new strategies for finding HR jobs?
  • Will you able to tailor your resume or profile or add a new LinkedIn connection, because of this experience?
  • How will you apply what you learned in the mentoring experience to move forward in your HR career?
  • Write clearly and concisely in a manner that is well organized, grammatically correct, and free of spelling, typographical, formatting, and/or punctuation errors.2







    Mentoring Experience


    Lucy Rowell



    Mentoring Experience

    Mentoring relationship between a mentor and mentee can go two ways; both receive different benefits from the event. Alternatively, the mentee can only receive the mentor’s benefits. In my case, the mentorship program offered a significant influence on carer development. I had a chance to interact with a career coach to leverage how best to get involved in the current course and reap the best when transitioning to corporate life.

    One of the main advantages that I have gained inputs from the mentorship program is getting insight into my career, mostly on understanding the selling point of the entire course, how to be competitive, and stand out among candidates with the exact specifications. Building a good profile starts when in school. The actions, interactions, and activities contribute efficiently to creating innovations or even work ethics to associate with people within the line of work. Students who purely remain students in school without interacting with corporate minds usually have difficulty fitting easily into the workforce (Moores et al., 2018). The mentorship program was very impactful in generating the right attitude toward my career choice.









    Moores, L. K., Holley, A. B., & Collen, J. F. (2018). Working with a mentor: Effective strategies during fellowship and early career. Chest153(4), 799-804.

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