Crisis management plan

Crisis Management Plan


Company: Royal Caribbean Cruises


Include a proposal page:


· Introduction – should contain a clear purpose statement

· Background

· Opportunity to be addressed (or issue to be researched)

· Objective

· Proposed research methods and design

· Anticipated analysis


Crisis Management Plan Instructions:


Minimum 40 pages long

This is a professional report-style project. The format is similar to the format typically employed in communications campaigns, white papers, or other professional planning reports. The following outline represents the major components of the project type. Use APA style.


Must include:

Title page

Table of contents

Executive summary


Problem statement

Situation analysis (secondary research)

Weakness (problem) and Opportunities (SWOT)

Primary research


Recommendations (objectives, strategies and tactics)




Student bio (I can do myself)

Final defense signature page (I will do that myself)

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