In response to your peers, address your experience with similar products/services and your assessment of your classmate’s review.



My, experience in shops is always about the price, quality, and brand. The most crucial factor is the quality of my clothes and shoes, or going to take a year or two or have my clothes each year. But people problem think that the price of the clothes and shoe matters. The price and the band name get me to buy them or fluence my decision. I buy the brand name Jordan and I look for the quality of how much I spend because don’t buy any shoes but once a year.  For the 13 Jordan I wear them the style and how the look or what color. Give them a five star because one love Jordan. Why I am give the five star is everyone buys them and the baller talk about them  in there songs, and a good pair could cost a million.  Awful things buy shoes some  wear out quick and pay you have pay a lot money for them shoes.



I recently purchased a Fire Stick from Best Buy. I was so excited about my purchase because all of the rooms here at our house that has a television in it,  has a fire stick installed. The other fire sticks costed $45 from Amazon, and I only paid $29.99 for the one I got from Best Buy.

After one week of use of the fire stick, the remote was not working properly. I would have to unplug everything, take the batteries out and then back in, and use a certain code to reset the remote, After all of that, I still would have to repeat the process before my service would work, very frustrating.

Cheaper prices are not the best route to take when purchasing electronics I’ve learned. Being totally dissatisfied, I returned the fire stick, and now ordering from Amazon. On a scale of 1-5, I give Best Buy a 2.5. Reason being, after all of the frustrating stuff I went through to get my service going, it would stay on one app and work all day, playing movie after movie.


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Draft release of Roe v. Wade reversal.

Fox News–

The overall tone in the beginning of this article is one that seems neutral until the reader gets closer to the end of the article where it seems to lead the reader to an opinion of how it is not entirely bad Roe v. Wade is overturned as the individual states will be able to handle the situation in a manner that best suits their constituents.


Straight to the point and without a hint of subtlety, this article has a sense of scaremongering. Leading readers to believe that not only is this unprecedented act happening now, it will undoubtedly get worse in the future if nothing is done to stop it. There are also portions that want to lead the reader to the opinion of the supreme court no longer holding the reverence it once had.


without taking sides, this article focuses mostly on the leaking of the document and how the court plans on handling the issue. As well as writing on the amount of people who could have had access and the ability to leak the document. The only time that political sides are mentioned, the writer took care to keep it short and ensured that both republican and democrat views the leak.


This article emphasizes the fact that the leaked document is just a draft and therefore not a final decision of what will happen when the vote is held in regards to Roe v. Wade. Just like the CNN article, views from both sides are present but kept equal so as not to seem biased. It makes mention of how some states are ready for the ruling to be overturned and also how the President feels about this whole incident. The ending of the article does do something similar to MSNBC near the end of the article; where the make mention of how if overturned it will set a precedence and could endanger other past decisions of the court.


BBC. (2022, May 3). Abortion ruling: US Supreme Court says leak is real as investigation launched. BBC News.

Benen, S. (2022, May 3). Overturning Roe v. Wade is the GOP’s first step. The next one may be even more dangerous.

Betz, B., & O’Neil, T. (2022, May 3). Supreme Court set to overturn Roe v. Wade, leaked draft opinion shows: Report. Fox News.

De Vogue, A., & Cole, D. (2022, May 3). John Roberts calls release of draft Roe v. Wade reversal a ‘singular and egregious breach’ of trust and orders an investigation | CNN politics. CNN.



A) Track a relatively current news story and report to the class the way the 3 media outlets presented the story. Were there surprises to you in your findings? 

The following media outlets Fox News, MSNBC and CNN all reported on the most recent culture war and controversy pertaining to the ongoing abortion issues and the consequences of a leaked SCOTUS draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito to overturn 1973 Roe v. Wade, has sent lawmakers scrambling to implement new bans, bills, and court decisions that would ban abortion and potentially affect other rights such as same-sex marriage, access to contraception and LGBTQ rights.

It is not surprising to me that media is divided on this issue, nor that there is still political debate after more than fifty years. For example, MSNBC reported back in 2019 that “Support for legal abortion stands at its highest level in more than two decades” (NBCUniversal News Group. 2019) and that this support has currently doubled according to CNN and MSNBC reporting. MSNBC polls that 60% oppose a ban and 36% are in favor of banning abortion. However, according to a Fox news, Republicans will not stop their pursuit to ban abortion and reports that 50% are in favor of banning abortion vs. 46% who oppose the ban (Balara, 2022).

B) Also pick one additional media outlet of your choice (perhaps NPR, or BBC) and look at their perspective of the same story.

The BBC reports that if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade based on the draft opinion, then the decision will be left up individuals states to protect an estimated 36 million women and their right to choose. According to the BBC article “Roe v Wade: US Supreme Court may overturn abortion rights, leak suggests” the U.S. anti-abortion rulings have slowly cut access in more than a dozen states resulting in almost 600 proposed abortion restrictions, of which 90 were enforced in 2021 (BBC, 2022). Additionally, except for “rape or sexual assault, or to prevent the death or “substantial and irreversible” injury of a pregnant woman;” if Roe v Wade is overturned; more than eighteen states are poised with “trigger laws” to either make abortion activities a felony or punishable with hefty fines and prison terms (Vogue, 2022).


Balara, V. (2022, May 3). Fox News Poll: Just over half favor banning abortions after 15 weeks. Fox News. Retrieved May 4, 2022, from

BBC. (2022, May 3). Roe V Wade: US Supreme Court may overturn abortion rights, leak suggests. BBC News. Retrieved May 4, 2022, from

NBCUniversal News Group. (2019, July 10). The more abortion rights are threatened, the more Americans support them. MSNBC. Retrieved May 4, 2022, from

Vogue, A. de. (2022, May 4). It’s impossible to wall off reversing Roe from landmark marriage and contraception rulings. CNN. Retrieved May 4, 2022, from

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