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Unit 1 DB: Tell us who you are. (ENG130 Literature & Composition)

Welcome to Unit 1!

Important Information for all Discussion Board posts:

Initial Response: Please watch this fascinating video of two teenagers who toured the country seeking personal stories of unrests and triumphs, and compiled them into a novel titled, Tell Me Who You Are.

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Winona Guo & Priya Vulchi: Lessons of cultural intimacy

Duration: 7:25
User: n/a – Added: 5/26/19

YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4otFjZxNoQ

After viewing the video, tell us who you are. Your response should be at least two paragraphs and can focus on your history, or on a personal experience that reflects who you are.

Unit 1 DB: Financial Management Careers (FIN201 Principles of Finance)

In our reading resources, you were directed to view the reference USA website. Review the pages thoroughly and begin to think about and explore what options may be available to you in the world of Corporate Finance. Respond to the forum by telling everyone which jobs and career areas in finance seem most interesting to you and why? What specifically about the position and its responsibilities interests you? Why do you feel the job fits with your career interests, aspirations and skill set?

Unit 1 DB: Introduction to MS Excel (CIS250 Advanced Excel)

Formatting your Excel spreadsheets to make them look professional is important when making data useful to the general public. You learned in this unit how to create a professionally formatted worksheet by applying a cell style, merging and centering data, changing cell alignments, and using borders, fonts, and colors to make data stand out so that it is easier to find and analyze. You also learned how to apply number formats and increase or decrease decimal places. After reading the article, Childress, A. (2018, January 3). How to format your excel spreadsheets (complete guide). Envatotutsplus., and Chapter 1 of your text, please respond to the following:

Please download and review the  Unformatted_ Proximity Bus Complete.xlsx  worksheet.

  1. Please      discuss why you would want to format this worksheet.
  2. Choose      and discuss three of the formatting tips outlined in the article you feel      are most important.
  3. Why      are these three tips most important to you?
  4. Apply      three tips to the worksheet.
  5. Upload      your formatted worksheet to your discussion post.

    Vehicle Cost Analysis

    Proximity Bus Service
    Vehicle Cost Analysis
    Bus ID Cost per Mile Miles Driven Maintenance Cost Mileage Cost Total Cost Total Cost per Mile
    701 2.01 19964 283.22 40127.64 40410.86 2.0241865358
    702 1.88 16660 393.8 31320.8 31714.6 1.903637455
    703 1.87 14949 323.2 27954.63 28277.83 1.8916201753
    704 1.91 14905 476.61 28468.55 28945.16 1.9419765179
    705 1.7 11242 232.79 19111.4 19344.19 1.7207071695
    706 1.65 14662 497.23 24192.3 24689.53 1.6839128359
    707 1.79 16061 275.32 28749.19 29024.51 1.8071421456
    708 1.88 14777 281.62 27780.76 28062.38 1.8990579955
    709 1.69 18484 465.94 31237.96 31703.9 1.7152077472
    Totals 16.38 141704 3229.73 258943.23 262172.96 1.8501450912
    Average 358.8588888889 28771.47 29130.3288888889 1.843049842
    Highest 497.23 40127.64 40410.86 2.0241865358
    Lowest 232.79 19111.4 19344.19 1.6839128359

    Miranda Crenshaw_x000D_CSC 101

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