Please choose a topic of your interest from the following chapters for the presentation:

Chapter 30: Government Budgets and Fiscal Policy

Chapter 31: The Impact of Government Borrowing

Chapter 32: Macroeconomic Policy Around the World

Chapter 23: The International Trade and Capital Flows

Chapter 33: International Trade

Chapter 34: Globalization and Protectionism

Some topics:

Government Borrowing

Why do governments borrow money?

Comparison of Macroeconomic policies in different countries

International trade, its impact on the economy, and challenges

Tariffs and why are they enforced?

Global trade agreements (NAFTA, Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP), etc.,)

Role of WTO, IMF, and the EU

The above list is only for your reference. Please feel free to choose a topic of interest from the chapters covered.

You can do a PowerPoint presentation, video, visual, audio-visual, infographics, skit, etc., on one of the topics.

Group Presentation Rubric

Please check the link below for library resources for different presentation styles, citations, library databases, and scheduling an online session with the librarian for research help:

Individual Presentation Rubric

Total possible points: 12

Trait Criteria Points
  1 2 3  

Did the presentation have valuable material?

Presentation contained little to no valuable material. Presentation had a good amount of material and benefited the class. Presentation had an exceptional amount of valuable material and was extremely beneficial to the class.  

Did everyone contribute to the presentation?

Did everyone seem well prepared?

The teammates never worked from others’ ideas. It seems as though only a few people worked on the presentation The teammates worked from others’ ideas most of the time. And it seems like every did some work, but some people are carrying the presentation. The teammates always worked from others’ ideas. It was evident that all of the group members contributed equally to the presentation.  

Was the presentation well organized and easy to follow?

The presentation lacked organization and had little evidence of preparation. The presentation had organizing ideas but could have been much stronger with better preparation. The presentation was well organized, well prepared and easy to follow.  

Did the presenters Speak clearly? Did the engage the audience? Was it obvious the material had been rehearsed?

Presenters were not confident and demonstrated little evidence of planning prior to presentation. Presenters were occasionally confident with their presentation however the presentation was not as engaging as it could have been for the class Presenters were all very confident in delivery and they did an excellent job of engaging the class. Preparation is very evident


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