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Team 5 presentation

The group that I’m critiquing is team five. The presentation started off well. It did not seem scripted, and I understood what the topic was going to be about. Presenter one Launa was well spoken she introduced what inflation is and how it affects our day-to-day life. I thought that by her including us in her presentation was a good attention grabber. She allowed us time to think about how this affects our lives. It ensures that you’re listening and actively participating in the lesson. Presenter two Carmen although I could tell she was reading from a paper she too was well spoken, and it was easy to follow along with her segment. Her portion of the presentation spoke about the affect’s inflation has on small businesses. This was an important point seeing that twenty twenty-one was deemed “The Great Resignation”. Where a lot of people resigned and went into business for themselves. This segment was very informative and gave great points to consider if you’re interested in starting your own business, now might not be the best of time. Presenter three Denese at the start of her presentation was muffled and it was hard to understand. That was momentary since shortly after she spoke clearly, and I could hear her very well. Her portion mentioned how inflation impacts transportation. We all are aware of the “price hike” as mentioned during her presentation and how this directly affects how goods are delivered from place to place. The image shown on the screen should have been more recent within the last six months however, it was from over thirteen years ago. Presenter four Christina was hard to follow along with. She stuttered over her words quite often and it appeared as if she forgot her thought or perhaps her place. She would repeat herself and stumble over her words. You could see that she was reading from a script. Overall, for her portion it could have been better with some practice. If it was not for being able to rewatch the video, I would not be able to tell you off the top of my head what her part of the presentation was over. Christinas sections just like Carmen was important to know because regardless of if you’re looking to open your own business inflation would be a big issue. As the image on Christina’s post showed, with inflation comes higher food costs, gas, utility, interest rates on home loans, and no increase for wages. The last presenter Carlos it seemed as though he was nervous for his portion and spoke softly. One would think that inflation would affect job security negatively but according to Carlos slide it does not seem to have made an impact. I do wish that his slide was longer and more in depth. So, we could all have a clearer understanding. The wrap up was presented by Launa who just like before did a great job of speaking well, clearly, and projecting her voice so that it came out loud and clear. Generally, team five did an ok good. The first two presenters did an excellent job, while the others could have used some practice. The backgrounds that they all chose was the same which was nice and did not take away from the presentation. I could not clearly see what everyone wore but from what I could see everyone appeared to be professionally dressed, hair was neat and tidy or pulled back and nothing distracting in view. The presentation was well put together with the agenda in plain sight and followed throughout the slides. You knew what was going to happen next and this helps for those who like to know what to expect from a presentation.

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