Post a cohesive response based on scenario provided. To prepare for discussion read Learning Resource and your professional experience. Be sure to discuss the following: “See attachment for detailed instructions


Week 4 Discussion 1

Image and Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a term we seem to hear more about than we did a decade ago. This is a concept that is growing in popularity as it allows an organization to give back to the community. We would often see sponsorships occur through little league teams and fundraisers, but now that we have a growing trend of digital use through our younger generations, corporate social responsibility is changing. Today we have what is called the “Triple Bottom Line” approach which expands on how a company achieves success by its economic, social, and environmental goals.

Employers are looking to ensure sustainability as a means of fulfilling their corporate social responsibility footprint. Running a business is not entirely about the profit any longer. Some of it has to do with the reputation of the organization in the community. Not only does this gain the interest of those in the community and with the competition, but it increases the interest of those who are in search of employment. Job searchers are often looking for the company that has a position corporate social responsibility standing because this often means this organization is doing what it takes to stay ahead of the competition while taking care of its employee’s.


Please review your materials for this week below.

· Costa, G. (2019).  Corporate Social Responsibility, Purpose Brands and Gen-Z

· Dans, E. (2018).  Corporate Social Responsibility Is Turning Green, And That’s A Good Thing

· Elsey, W. (2018).  Why Your Company Should Be More Socially Responsible

· Xu, K. (2019).  How to Make Your Corporate Social Responsibility Come from Within


Remember that every in-text citation in your paper must have a corresponding entry in your reference list and every in-text citation needs to follow the format of (Barrett, 2010) when paraphrasing or (Barrett, 2010, p. 120) when quoting.



Post a cohesive response based on scenario provided.


This week’s focus was on corporate social responsibility. This concept is important to understand as this is how the company decides to give back to the community.

· You have just been given $35k to help build the company’s image within the community.

· Using what you have learned?

· Discuss how you would utilize the money in developing the organization’s corporate social responsibility plan.

· No plagiarism

· APA citing


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