Uncovering the truth case study



Students will research one criminal case at least 20 years’ old that was either not solved or has a solution that has been questioned. Research the evidence and forensic techniques used. What happened and do you agree with the expected outcome.



Student will be able to

1. Choose a suitable case based on the requirements;

2. Research and draw conclusions based on that research;

3. Present the work.


I. Title Page- Title, name, data, teacher’s name, suitable graphic

II. Background of Crime- Set the scene, Describe the crime and the events that surround it.

III. The Death- Discuss the cause and mechanism of death

IV. Investigation of the Investigators- Who investigated this crime? What was their profession and the role they play in the investigation? Was it investigated more than once/ and or by different people.

V. History of the Time Period- When did this crime occur? What was happening at the time? What influences did this time period have on this crime? Include the police and forensic techniques that were known at that time.

VI. List of Suspects, Their Background, Their Alibis – Who were the suspects? What connections they had to the crime and the victim? Why were some of the people eliminated as suspect? What happened to the suspect in relation to the case? With each suspect, discuss means, motive and opportunity.

VII. Psychological Profile of the Suspect- What would be the characteristics of a person who would or could commit a crime of this nature.

VIII. Forensic Evidence – What evidence was used and discovered in this investigation? What forensic techniques was available to investigators? What could be done differently with the evidence today? Discuss any evidence or techniques that would be used today that was not known then?

IX. Others – Include anything that would add to the understanding of this crime. Examples would include sketches, photos, diagrams, laws, lawyer etc.

X. Conclusion – Was someone arrested? Was there a trial or trials? Discuss the final aspect of the case?

XI. Theories- Document any theories and support it with forensic evidence. Then state your opinion. Who did it. Support opinion with as much evidence as possible.

XII. References and related article- Make a list of all the references, websites or articles that you got your information from. No less than 3 references.

List of Possible Cases

1. Tupac Sakur

2. Martha Moxley

3. O.J. Simpson

4. Jon Bonet Ramsey

5. Malcolm X

6. Casey Anthony

7. Jeffrey MacDonald

8. Etan Patz

9. Boy in the Box

10. Tylenol poisoning (1982)



Slide Presentation 60 pts

Interesting – 15 pts

Creative – 15 pts

Effective – 15 pts

Includes at least 2/5 15 pts

· Graphics

· Video

· Transitions

· Websites

· Audio

Information (Case Study) 90 pts

Thorough – include all needed information. It is well organized – 30 pts

· Background

· Death

· Suspect(s)

· Profile

· Conclusion

· References





Accurate – depicts all information correctly and without bias – 20 pts

· History

· Forensic techniques of the time

· Investigator(s)


Evidence – relates the forensic techniques and information to the case – 20 pts

· Discuss all evidence available that that time

· Discuss the possibilities of today


Opinion – State an opinion that is supported by evidence -20 pts

· Theories and opinions

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