respond to each of the following. Each of the one-page responses to the documents should be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, standard margins, and indicate the specific number of the question before the response; your response should be at least one full page, a full one-page is 23 lines. You can write more than one page, but not less.

Department of Afro-American Studies

Introduction to Afro American Studies (AFRO 006)


1. Graduating Seniors Only | DUE DATE: Thursday, April 21, 2022

2. The Due Date for all other Students | Thursday, April 29, 2022 3. Complete the Course Evaluation and upload the Confirmation form in the

Assignment folder located on Blackboard. You can upload the confirmation anytime between April 5-April 22, 2022.


Answer each of the following based upon course readings and class lecture. All the one-page responses should be typed, double-spaced, and at least one full page. You can write more than one page, but not less. You should have one title page for the entire exam which includes your name and the name of the course. Each Response should be numbered and begin at the top of its own individual page. You should not type the question on the response page of the exam, although you may write the name of the document you are responding to next to the number.

1. Type a one-page response on Kathleen Neal Cleaver’s the document entitled, “Racism, Civil Rights, and Feminism” (20 pts).

2. Type a one-page response on Clayborne Carson et. al. document, “Chapter 17-The Emergence of a Mass Movement Against Jim Crow.” (20pts).

3. Type a one-page response on the Robert F. Williams’s document, “Is Violence Necessary to Combat Injustice?” (10 pts).

4. Type a one-page response on Jeanne Theoharris’ document, “A Life History of Being Rebellious: The Radicalism of Rosa Parks.” (20pts).

5. Type a one-page response on Cynthia Griggs Fleming’s document, “Black Women and Black Power: The Case of Ruby Doris Smith Robinson.” (20pts).

6. Type a one-page response on Fannie Lou Hamer’s, “The Special Plight and Role of Black Women” (10points).

7. Reminder-Be sure to upload the Confirmation Form after completing the course evaluations.

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