Quantum Workplace

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLY9noYgvpY

Company Site: https://www.quantumworkplace.com/demo-request?hsCtaTracking=a2d100ce-ee40-4647-837a-c260cc387e53%7Cc5071e9d-529b-4d98-ba52-0c9852815814



· What the task is

· History of Quantum/When it Started

· How long have they been around

· Who do the cater to and how many companies do they deal with

1. Which of the 3 buckets does it relate to (Admin, Metrics/Analytics, Performance/Engagement Improvement)?

2. What problem is it trying to solve? / What process is it trying to improve?

3. How does it work (Show video, PPT, Screenshots, etc.)?

4. Any reviews on the tool out there (from the website or reputable sources)?

5. How is it priced (Based on number of employees, etc.)?

6. Your evaluation

a. What do you see as the plusses and minuses?

b. In what situations would you see it as most valuable?

c. Would you recommend it to your (current or future) organization or HR colleagues?


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