Respond to the passage/ Agree with passage  260 words APA 7th edition/ Only one reference No more than 4 years old!

reviewing the State of Nursing report (2020), One of the sustainable development goals that I would align with the report is reducing inequality within the United States, and also among other countries. this is as a result of the current pandemic that we are currently facing worldwide. The specific issue in nursing that I am addressing is the fact that some people within the united states, and also other countries, are receiving better treatment than others in terms of COVID. This is a huge problem in nursing and it stems from a number of factors. Research has shown that “the higher your income, the better your health” (Amadeo & Mansa, 2020). This is also the result of many other factors that all correlates with each other. For example, people from a lower income class may have limited access to care due to the lack of insurance or minimal insurance. As a result, this group may seek less care due to the fact that they may not be able to afford it (e.g. the COVID vaccine). furthermore, this could result in this group having a higher morbidity and mortality rate when compared to another group of people who could probably afford to receive the Covid vaccine. This issue aligns with the Sustainable developmental goal because by reducing the inequality within the united states,  the morbidity and the mortality rate of people in a lower-income class will also be reduced and the quality of life will be increased.

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