final Essay Question



  • Word Length of the final essay paper: Approximately 2400 words (+/- 10% excluding reference list)


  • Ensure to use a font and size that makes it easy to read (For example: Verdana 12-point font)


  • The format is a traditional Essay: Intro / Body / Conclusion / Reference List


  • Ensure you use Harvard Style refencing and citations.


  • The essay should have somewhere between 10 – 18 references (NB. This is a guide and does constitute what grade you get for referencing)




  1. The final essay and the summary of information should correlate failure to do so will either result in a very low mark or a fail. (Rubric for the essay is on Turnitin).


Below is the final question:




1) Read the article:

Explain how emerging technologies are creating new ethical dilemmas relating to work. What are some ways that we can limit the impact of these technologies in the Australian context? Include a section reflecting on what this means for you as a future or current employee within society.



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