The objective of assignment is to provide a power point presentation about vaccines including the Flu vaccine in the pediatric population. Your primary goal as an FNP is to educate parents about the importance of vaccination, and understanding their beliefs and preference by being cultural sensitive in regards this controversial topic. This is an individual presentation (not group) and must include a minimum of 8 slides with a maximum of 10 slides. This presentation must include a “Voice Presentation” and the following headings: Introduction, Clinical Guidelines EBP per CDC, Population and Risk Factors, Education, Conclusion.

Assignment #2 –PPT Presentation-Rubrics

Excellent (100%)

Satisfactory (85%)

Needs Improvements (50%)

Unsatisfactory (25%)


Introduction (20%)

Clearly identifies the topic and Establishes goals and objectives of presentation

Complete in most respects; reflects most requirements

Incomplete introduction; topics does not reflects the requirements

Incomplete in most of the introduction; it does not reflect requirements

Population and Risks Factors (10%)

The population is identified and addressed as well the topic(s) and issue(s)

The Population and risks were identify few items missing in the topic(s) and issue(s)

The population and Risks are not well identify, it does not demonstrates an acceptable understanding of the topic(s) and issue(s)

The population and risks were not identified. Inadequate understanding of the topic(s) and issue(s)

Research Content EBP Clinical Guidelines Analysis (20%)

Presents an insightful and through analysis of the issue (s) identified. Excellent Clinical guidelines

Presents an adequate analysis of most of the issue(s) identified. Some Clinical Guidelines missing

Presents a superficial analysis of some of the issue(s) identified Not current relevant EBP presented

Presents an incomplete analysis of the issue(s) identified. Lack of EBP

Body and Content (20)%

Makes appropriate and powerful connections between the issue(s) identified and the concept(s) studied. Very creative and Supports the information with strong arguments and evidence. Provided 8-10 slides *Voice attached in all slides

Makes appropriate connections between the issue(s) identified and the concept(s) studied. Adequate connection between the topics. Missing 1-2 Slides *Voice missing in a few slides

Makes appropriate but somewhat vague connections between the issue(s) identified and the concept(s) studied. The presentation lacks of proper EBP ideas Missing more than 3 Slides in the presentation with out a voice

Makes little or no connection between the issue(s) identified and the concept(s) studied. Inadequate length. The presentation lack adequate information. Paragraphs don’t support the ideas No Voice in in the presentation


Education (10%)

Presents detailed, realistic, and appropriate recommendations and education including parents/patients

Presents some realistic recommendation supported by the information presented and the concepts studied

Presents only few recommendations. Lack of adequate education. Target areas not well addressed

DO not present realistic recommendation with little support from the information and the concepts studied.

Conclusion (10%)

Excellent Conclusion clearly supported by the information presented

Conclusion is adequate

Conclusion lacks of adequate information and final thoughts

Conclusion is incomplete or not provided

APA Including Grammar and Spelling (10%)

Excellent used of the APA guidelines and consistently cite sources. No grammar errors. References with 5 years.

APA style is adequate with minor citations errors. Some wrong spelling noted

Reflects incomplete knowledge of APA guidelines. Lots of spelling and grammar problems

Does not use APA guidelines Too many spelling and grammar errors

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