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By NIGROREQUIREDEDITION: 7TH 14PUBLISHER: CENGAGE LISBN: 9781133734284After reading Chapters 4 – 6 and 10 in Nigro & Kellough (2014), explain how public organizations can better prepare job classification and pay, recruitment and selection, performance management, employee appraisals and promotions to make the the public sector workforce more attractive and competitive?

Responses are expected to be comprehensive (minimum 300-500 words per response in length), supported and defended with references to academic sources (at least one peer-reviewed scholarly article) and formatted in accordance with APA requirements.

Title of Response

Week ___ Discussion Response

Author’s Full Name

Author’s Agency


Title of Paper


Overview of what is covered in the paper, discuss the key points to prepare the reader for the Body of the paper. This section should be approximately one paragraph.

Body (literature review)

Discuss the weekly concept in the discussion response assignment with relevant peer reviewed literature. This section should be approximately 2 – 3 paragraphs.


Summarize the paper with your key findings stated again for emphasis. This section should be approximately one paragraph.

300 – 500 words


Beck, B. E. (1999, July). Style and modern writing [Special issue]. Prose Magazine, 126, 96-134.

Gode, S. M., Orman, T. P., & Carey, R. (1967). Writers and writing. New York: Lucerne Publishing.

MacDonald, S. E. (1993). Words. In The new encyclopedia Britannica (vol. 38, pp. 745-758). Chicago: Forty-One Publishing.

Wilson, J. C. (2001). Scientific research papers. In Stewart, J. H. (Ed.), Research papers that work (pp. 123-256). New York: Lucerne Publishing.

Minimum of 1 peer reviewed articles and/or books, list references in alphabetical order


Place supporting and bulky groups of information in the appendixes. If you have multiple groups of information, create multiple appendixes. Label each appendix with a capital letter, e.g.—Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C, etc.


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