Discussion: Biometric System Evaluation

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Identify the correct advantages of each biometric method
  • Identify the correct disadvantages of each biometric method

Assignment Requirements

Read the worksheet named “Biometric System Evaluation” and address the following:

Using what you have learned about the biometric method, identify the correct advantages and disadvantages of each listed biometric type.

Respond to your peers with your point of view on their answers. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ original thread posts with between 100 – 150 words for each reply.  Make sure your opinion is substantiated with valid reasons and references to the concepts covered in the course. In addition, initiate a discussion with the students who comment on your answer.

Required Resources

  • Worksheet: Biometric System Evaluation (ws_biometricsystemeval)

    Biometric System Evaluation


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    Types of Biometric Systems There are many traits that a biometric system can analyze. They fall into two distinct categories: physical

    characteristics and behavioral characteristics.


    In this exercise, you will learn about and analyze the specific attributes that fall into each of these two

    broad categories by listing the advantages and disadvantages of each type of biometric method.


    Complete the table:

    Biometric Method Advantages Disadvantages




    Hand geometry

    Facial recognition

    Typing tempo

    Signature analysis

    Voice recognition



    • Types of Biometric Systems
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