Group presentation to class

Having completed the Co-authored report (Task 1), your group is required to develop a PowerPoint presentation (including an oral presentation) which provides an overview of your findings in Task 1.

The oral presentation will be conducted using Microsoft Teams or Blackboard Collaborate software – details about the use of the software will be provided.


The presentation should provide an overview of the main elements and main findings.



Marking criteria:


Submission Element Component Marks









TASK 2. Group Presentation

(25 marks)


Marks will be based on:

–         Overview of all findings relating to Task 1

(10 marks)


–         Slides have consistent, professional theme

(colour, font, layout) with appropriate use of graphics. (5 marks)

–         Presentation is pitched appropriately for the target audience – professional, with emphasis on key issues, supported by explanation and reasoning – Slides are not too complicated, busy or over-whelming with detail. (5 marks)

–         Presentation time is within 6–8 minutes and within slide number limit.

–         Every member in the group to have equal participation in the presentation – Suitable figures (tables) used where applicable and effectively to support findings. (5 marks)











25 marks



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