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Choose no more than four accounts. While paying attention to the account, you should also pay attention to its personal status, such as salary, physical condition, tax amount, and expected income changes. Scotland and England have different tax rates. Annualized interest,


Customer service section

The bank’s call center is of poor quality

1 Prepare a checklisit comparison table, short and logical (from easy to difficult)

At least five and up to eight, follow logic, no explanation


  1. Find a way to collect customer feedback and clarify the reasons for the recommendation. Focus groups, low feasibility of sending flyers, recommended telephone consultation, SMS e-mail, collection of telephone recordings, big data analysis, need to explain the reasons.


Topic1 tracker mortgage

Key words:

Introduce the model, introduce the advantages and disadvantages to banks

What is base rate?

How to decide, (BoE) official website



Key words:

The impact of rising interest rates

Saving/borrowing perspective

Impact on society (exchange rate, foreign trade, stock market)

Impact on the industry (construction industry, insurance format, banking)




Key words:

The benefits and risks of holding stocks,

Related risks and benefits need to contact the case



Topic 4 gilts

Key words:

Explain what gilts are

What is DMO

Sales channels (combined with the case “Untrust Bank”)

Sell the required materials (combined case)

Factors leading to price changes of gilts (interest rate, net price, full price)

The method of remittance-lead to the length of time to receive funds




Key words

Two regulators of the UK financial market:


Respectively introduce functions, goals, means to achieve goals, punishment mechanism, and supervision methods


Introduce its functions and how to operate (source of funds, who will operate it, who will be supervised, and whether it will operate independently)

Relationship between FSCS and FCA and PRA above




Key words:

How to help leah low to increase the income of its savings account, the optional materials are in the appendix, recommended account, how much money to put, explained later, choose this account, and the reasons for putting these amounts of money, choose no more than 3 products

ISA limit

Consider the tax amount of leach low’s savings income





Key words:

Service center (phone call)

  1. Make a checklist (instruct the operator how to deal with angry customers) five o’clock-eight o’clock

Concise and logical

  1. The method of collecting feedback needs to be presented, explaining why this method is feasible and how it can help customer service improve the quality of customer service. Write at least three and no more than six



Dino wants to know the difference between an insurance company and a commercial bank

  1. Product difference

Insurance company: insurance products, financial products (funds)

Commercial banks: savings, investment and financial products, loans, investment insurance products (life, travel insurance)

  1. Profit model

Bank: spreads, management fees, service fees, investment income

Insurance company: Overdue insurance policies and investment income brought by loss ratio

2.5 Source of funds

Bank: user deposits, investment income, collection of fees

Insurance company: selling products, investment income, case company: issuing shares

  1. The role of both in financial activities and economic operations



Topic9 background



lean how, she has health problems.

She foresees that there may be a lot of expenditure in the future (for health issues)

She was afraid that she would spend her money on the treatment, and would have no money for burial after her death. I heard that insurance products can help her current situation, and you need to recommend a suitable insurance type to her that can meet her needs. Explain how this product can meet her needs (considering lean how’s status such as health and income-contact case)



Term life insurance (exceeded years)

Major illness insurance (not allowed by health conditions)

Life Insurance (only feasible)

  1. List the alternative insurance types and explain why the others cannot
  2. Explain why lifetime life fits his situation
  3. Lifetime can satisfy his wish (burial)
  4. You can choose the one with low insured amount and low payment, which meets the income situation of the case person
  5. Cash value
  6. At the same time, it can also introduce the disadvantages of the product, inflation
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