Need help with my summary and conclusion. Also want the whole report to be check for any grammar errors and flow.

Task: For this assessment you are required to describe, discuss and analyse the role you are undertaking and the workplace context in which your learning is occurring.  You should analyse where the role fits in the business or organisation, and analyse the industry in which the role is located. In undertaking this analysis you should put yourself in the mindspace of the first day you start your internship: what were you expecting going in?”








No more than 200 words

This section should be a concise but accurate and complete description of what is in the report. It should be no more than 200 words and must contain the aims and background to the report, together with the major findings and recommendations. It should be written after the rest of the report has been completed, not beforehand. It is generally written on one page and in a style that is consistent with the rest of the report – in this case in an academic style. It precedes the Table of Contents.




The introduction to the report should describe to the reader what the report is about, why it is being written, what will be discussed in the report and what conclusions and recommendations will be made. This section provides a broad context for the report and sets up what is to be presented in the following sections.


The main body of the report will be the description, discussion and analysis of your role and the organisation you are employed by. You need to integrate academic resources into the report. Appropriate resources are available in VU Collaborate and your “Required Reading” textbook – of course you are free to find your own.


This report is written to provide the reader an insight about a HR role within Simonds Group Limited, that I intended to complete an internship with. I will be discussing information regarding the organisation, industry and role. Further, I will be addressing the opportunities and knowledge that I could have gained from this experience as well as what my expectation are moving forth. The conclusions made are that HR is essential in running any organisation as employees play the key role in the success of the business.





About the role: 2 sections


About the Organisation

According to Chams & Garcia-Blandon (2019, p. 109), ‘People and how we manage them are becoming more important because many other sources of competitive success are less powerful than they once were. What remains as a crucial, differentiating factor is the organisation, its employees, and how they work’. The organisation where I intended to undertake my internship, however, was unable to secure a position with, was Simonds Group Limited. Simonds Group Limited is a public corporation owned locally, which generates income from housing design and construction, land development and the provision of licensed training courses (IBISWorld 2020). Simonds Group Limited is composed of two combined companies: Simonds Homes, one of Australia’s leading homebuilders; and Builders Academy Australia, a specialised Registered Training Organisation (Simonds Group 2020). Simonds Homes is involved in the design, land acquisition and sales of residential and show homes. Several different home styles, as well as house and land sets, are offered by Simonds Homes. As for Builders Academy Australia, this division serves in Victoria as a nationally recognised Licenced Education Institute that delivers courses in design and construction (IBISWorld 2020).


Simonds mission is ‘dedicated to delivering a personalised customer experience that offers you more, in every sense of the word’ (Simonds 2020). Their core objective aims to concentrate on optimising the Simonds brand’s power to become a leader in Australian home construction and to be known for the high-quality craftsmanship and the good value homes they create (Simonds Group 2020). The business has around 780 staff who work across Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia, and is operated from its Melbourne Headquarters (IBISWorld 2020). The company has been in business for 70 years and was started as a family enterprise before it became a public corporation (Simonds Group 2020).


Simonds Group Limited is part of the real estate industry and is among the major industries generating $7,500 million in income in 2002-03 (Australia Bureau of Statistics 2004). With a market size of $29 Billion, it covers 46,793 number of businesses (IBISWorld 2020). Simonds Group Limited has six top competitors consisting of GJ Gardener Homes, Engle Homes, Linden Homes, D.R. Horton, Barratt Developments and Bloor homes (Zoominfo 2020). Currently, some of their top shareholders include McDonalds Jones Homes, Simonds Custodians Pty Ltd and Simonds Constructions Pty Ltd (Market Index 2020).


Even though Simonds Group Limited is mainly involved in the real estate industry, HR is highly involved within the business as it is responsible for anything that involves and has to do with the employees of the business. The Human Resource sector for Simonds is involved in hiring, interviewing and recruiting potential agents that can help achieve their mission and objective. Human Resource Management (HRM) plays an essential role in the business as it shows that organisations who manage their employees achieve better financial returns and long-term economic gains that ensure superior corporate efficiency (Martin-Rios 2012). The sector is responsible for dealing with internal operations such as handling legal matters and ensuring safety procedures are met.



About the role

In this section you should discuss your role by first describing your work area and its role within any broader structure for the organisation and then describing your role and how it fits within the team, department, organisation, reporting lines etc. A ‘job or position description’ would be useful in an Appendix to the report. You should also include an organisational chart, which indicates where your role is situated within the organisation. Make sure you give this a proper title and reference the source of this organisation chart.


The position that was available for Simonds Group Limited was becoming a People and Culture (HR) Administrator. The role aims to provide end-to-end support for admiration across a variety of Human Resource (HR) functions, such as recruiting, changes in staff and organisations, and on-boarding. This position would have been a perfect chance for me to develop my HR expertise and knowledge inside a busy national agency. The tasks involved in this role include working with a welcoming team that supports people’s continuous learning and growth, conducting recruitment administration support, constantly updating organisational charts, assisting with employee on-boarding and much more (see Appendix 1).


The opportunities this position might have provided me with include developing my soft skills. Soft-skill training plays an essential role as companies recognise that a combination of human effort and technology is required to achieve results (DuBrin 2015). The knowledge I would have gained from this experience is seeing how the organisation takes on tasks such as recruiting new agents and dealing with internal operations. It would have provided with me the chance to experience HR in a real-world setting and understand what expectations are required.


As an inexperienced person, I am going to be provided with learning opportunities the equates to a placement. My expectations from this include gaining background knowledge and insight from individuals who are in the HR field to give me a sense of what it is like during placement. I hope to learn from their roles and responsibilities, as well as the experiences they have encountered within the business. Even though I am not experiencing it myself, I can get a sense of what to expect. Reflecting upon the challenges by my lack of past work experience and the need to find a pathway forward to employability can be difficult when entering any new workplace as I don’t have that first-hand experience, however, I hope that the alternative tasks given provide similar learning outcomes.




No more than 100 words


The major findings from the report should be summarised in this section. Any recommended actions that arise from the report should also be listed. Findings and recommendations should be backed up by evidence in the body of the report. Do not include new material in this section. The summary should finish by placing the main discussion points from the report in a broader context.

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