REQUIRED:          As a part of the requirements for the course, you are expected to make Moodle Posts as indicated in the Syllabus See the Course Syllabus for timing and number of posts required. When making your posts, to maximize your grade on the posts, follow the instructions below:

  • Find a current news article that contains concepts from the course. The article should be a recent (within the past 6 months) and you should be able to identify concepts from the course.
  • When posting an article to Moodle (Use headings to describe these areas)
    • provide the link to the article
    • briefly summarize it
    • Explain the concept that the article relates to in the textbook (make sure to indicate the page umber that the concept is on). It must be an Accounting theory textbook concept, not accounting in general, and not the economy in general (these will not get you marks).
    • After this, take your post a step further and consider and answer the following:
      • What concepts does it demonstrate and how?
      • Why is this article important for the concepts in the course?
      • What impact will this have on accountants/investors/public/corporations?
    • If you are responding to a post, include an article and the specific details as indicated above, however your analysis should be different from the initial poster and incorporate a different viewpoint. It requires the same elements as an original post.
    • Do NOT make your post or post your comments in separate attachments.
    • Do NOT focus too much on Accounting (i.e. how something should be recorded), rather focus on how the current events are impacting the markets, management and investors as the posts are designed to show you the implications of the concepts in Accounting Theory on the real world.





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