Formative assessment: Formative assessment is completed during your year of study and provides the opportunity to evaluate your progress with your learning. Classroom assessment is one of the most common formative assessment techniques although other activities and tasks may be used. Formative assessments help show you and us that you are learning and understanding the material covered in this course and allow us to monitor your progress towards achieving the learning outcomes for module. Although formative assessments do not directly contribute to the overall module mark they do provide an important opportunity to receive feedback on your learning.

Formative assessment Deadline
Quizzes to test your understanding for the module requirement (not graded, but has a penalty mark of 10% of your total marks for this module) Wk 3
Mock Test X 2 (not graded, but it is up to you to take this opportunity for practising before real ones) Wks 6 & 11
Group Presentations (not graded, but has a penalty mark of 10% of your total marks for this module) Wks 4, 7, 9 & 15


Summative assessment: Summative assessment is used to check the level of learning at the end of the course. It is summative because it is based on accumulated learning during the course. The point is to ensure that students have met the learning outcomes for the course and are at the appropriate level. It is the summative assessment that determines the grade that you are awarded for the module.

There are 3 assessment components in this module – Test, Group Report, Individual Reflection:

The table below specifies the associated deadlines:

Summative assessment Weighting Deadline Feedback
Test X 2 20% each Wk 13 & 17 Mark will be released at the end of your test
Group report 40% Wk 21 After 20 University working days
Individual reflection 20% Wk 22 After 20 University working days


In order to pass this module, you need to pass all assessment tasks with a minimum grade of 30% or equivalent, and a total of 40%.

Before you submit your work for final grading, please ensure that you have accurately referenced the work.  It is your responsibility to check the spelling and grammar.  If you have submitted a formative or draft assessment, you will receive feedback but no grade. The comments should inform you about how well you have done or tell you about the areas for improvement. All assignments should be submitted online unless specified in assessment briefs.

We now look at each component of assessment for this module in detail. Each of the following tables provides an overview of the requirements for each component. The support provided for each component along with the feedback arrangements, is also detailed below. (amend as appropriate).


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