Medical Assignment

Please provide proper APA citation of your references. DO NOT COPY WORD FOR WORD (this includes both text book and all other forms of media- paraphrase and cite your reference). Remember to include a reference sheet with you references list IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER.

1. In your own words explain the purpose for using theory to develop community based health interventions. (This is not a one or two sentence answer. I am looking for a solid explanation, utilizing references, of why we use theory).

2. In your own words, describe the relationship between theoretical constructs and intervention activities. (This is not a one or two sentence answer. I am looking for a complete discussion of the interactions of theoretical constructs and intervention activities).

3. In your own words discuss the difference between primary and secondary data. (This is not a one or two sentence answer. Your response should demonstrate a complete understanding of the terms and must include examples… DO NOT USE EXAMPLES FROM THE TEXT BOOK!!!).

4. State and describe a specific priority population for whom an internet-based survey would be appropriate (notice I said describe not simply list). Why do you think it would work with this group (be complete in your response)? What research and/or statistics support your claim (this can be addressed with a simple web search. Do not forget to reference)? I am looking for a logical response to this question. Do not simply put something down without having firm evidence to support.

Each answer must contain 150 word answer minimum.

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