MMIP-Positioning and Branding Strategy Questions (Chapters 10–13)

Q1. Explain how the product/service is positioned in the market. Create a positioning statement for the product/service and explain its rationale. (Ch. 10)

Q2. Discuss techniques of building brand equity. Which brand elements would be most useful in differentiating the product/service from competitors? Explain the brand promise of the product/service. (Ch. 11)

Q3. Explain the organization’s market classification (leader, challenger, follower, or nicher). Select one and omit the others. If it is not the industry’s market leader, which firm is the leader? Explain its strengths and weaknesses. (Ch. 12)

Q4. Explain the product’s current life cycle stage (introduction, growth, maturity or decline). Select one stage to discuss and omit the others). (Ch. 12)

Q5. Is the product classified as a convenience, shopping, specialty, or unsought good? Select one type and omit the others. (Ch. 13)

The product considered is forever 21

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